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"I've been doing HIITT and Kick since the beginning and it's one of the highlights of my week. I feel so much fitter and stronger and I'm learning some self defence techniques at the same time! It's hard work but there's a great atmosphere and we have a lot of fun, I'd recommend everyone to give it a go".

- Ben


"As someone who has been going to the gym for years and a keen runner I had become bored with my workout and my fitness seemed to have plateaued. I started HIITT and Kick and my boring gym routines were a thing of the past. The class is fun lead by  a very knowledgeable and energetic instructor Jez. You learn techniques of self defence and have a great workout at the same time. At the end of the session I certainly know I've had a tough workout but also leave with a big smile on my face. "

- Matt


"HIITT and Kick is an enjoyable and informative class. The routine is changed frequently so that the class is not repetitive. I have learned some invaluable self defense techniques whilst having fun. My level of fitness has significantly increased from starting the classes in August and I look forward going to my class every week. 

Jez is great at showing us how to improve our techniques and as the class has improved in fitness he has adapted the routine to become more difficult and challenging. "

- Alpa


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